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Have a project you'd like us to help you design and create?

Here are a few tips.


We do not simply copy other people's work.

Occasionally we get requests to make something that someone else is making. We are flattered that you like us that much, but please understand that we will not simply copy someone else's work. Whether you want an applique added to a piece or to have something just like you saw, we can make something similar for you, but not quite the same thing. We may even decline to make the piece and recommend you simply get it directly from where you saw it. 

Please do not be offended if we suggest an alternate crafter.
We also sometimes get requests to do things that we simply do not do. For instance, if you would like something tooled or sculpted, we can recommend several excellent craftspeople that focus on that. We love to expand our range, but there are certain techniques we either haven't had the time to learn, or simply have no interest in taking on. We are happy to suggest other businesses that we have met and trust to better construct your dream for you in a timely and well made manor.


We love that show/game/character too, but...

Please don't ask us to make things that would constitute copyright infringement. It would be awesome to have an exact replica of that awesome outfit in leather, but it would be hideously expensive, not to mention would probably be a major copyright or trademark infringement! We will be happy to help you acquire elements to help you get a similar look, and we would love to collaborate on a piece that has that character as the underlying theme with a bit of a twist, but in many cases there are websites out there to help you find replica pieces at much more affordable rates than we could ever hope to offer. 


We need your input to help make it a real thing and not just an idea.

This is why we call it a collaboration. You give us input, we bounce ideas back. Once all parties involved believe we understand what we are attempting to achieve, we quote you a price based on estimated time, materials, and difficulty involved in constructing the piece. Many times a custom collaboration begins with a vague idea or question that you ask us at a show or via an email. Once you ask that question, or mention that idea, the gears start to turn and we begin to think about how we can make it happen.  


Every item we make has been constructed with daily use in mind. We create products that we feel confident can withstand normal* everyday wear. We use the best materials available to us and apply our very best skills and techniques to build each piece. A great deal of thought goes into the general construction of everything we offer so that we can get you the most functional work of leather art we possibly can. If you think of something we could do differently to better suit your personal needs, please let us know. This can often be done by creating a custom piece designed just for you.

  *Normal everyday wear for most people does not include the use of whips, knives, swords, bullets, lasers, or other types of destructive devices. Should your normal everyday wear include any of these things, please let us know so that we can determine the proper repair policy for your lifestyle.

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