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Handcrafted Designs

Silverwolf Leather is the creative child of Steve and Leah Blaydon.  We offer a selection of ready made items as well as custom order collaborations.

​After many years of discussing the dream, we finally decided it was time to offer the world our very own leather creations. We strive to create functional beautiful affordable pieces that  are durable enough for everyday use.  From belts to fully lined leather corsets, we can make almost anything.


Committed to Quality

We make what we sell.

We take pride in our workmanship. Our leather goods are handcrafted for the maximum durability possible under normal wear and tear. If ever you see something in our booth that is not made by us, trust that it has been lovingly handcrafted by someone we know and trust. We do not  purchase mass produced finished pieces to resell.


Custom Collaborations

 Have a project you'd like us to help you design and create? 


Every item we make has been constructed with daily use in mind. We create products that we feel confident can withstand normal* everyday wear. We use the best materials available to us and apply our very best skills and techniques to build each piece. A great deal of thought goes into the general construction of everything we offer so that we can get you the most functional work of leather art we possibly can. If you think of something we could do differently to better suit your personal needs, please let us know. This can often be done by creating a custom piece designed just for you.

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